Saturday, 31 August 2013

Holo Month - Emily de Molly - Devotion

Hi Goddesses

*this post was supposed to appear on 29th August, but got overtaken by Pumpkin sadness.  I've kept it as it is.*

Today is my birthday, but I have poor broken nails, so I haven't been able to do anything exciting or even wear anything decent.  They are in such a state, that I have gone to work wearing 10 different polishes - trying to eliminate unnecessaries from Mount Untried!

The next best thing and most appropriate thing I could find was this - purple holo.  If I could only wear one type of polish for, life, yeh, I could suffer wearing a purple holo every day :)

Devotion is stunning, and of fantastic quality.  It applied easily and well AND it has great holographic bend.

It's the colour I love - it's like a faded blurple.  Quite unusual, and very very gorgeous.

The linear holo on this is magnificent - bendier than Beckham's free kicks, and packing just as much punch, this polish really is a must have.

I leave you more photos of this indigo-denim hued epic drool - enjoy ! xx

Oh, and feel free to sing Happy Birthday :) lol
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