Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Holo Month - Emily de Molly Seeing Red v Lilypad Lacquer Ruby Slippers

Hi Goddesses

Today's Holo-oh-oh post is a showdown between 2 bottles of Aussie Awesomeness - Seeing Red by Emily de Molly and Ruby Slippers by Lilypad Lacquer.

These polishes are very alike, so alike, that I can't really mix the photos up.  Let's look at EdM first.

This is a beautiful, smooth red, easy application, pleasure to use and wear.

Delicious extreme bend - just look at that rainbow.  This dazzles and gyrates effortlessly in even the worst light.

It's just stunning.

As is Ruby Slippers, by Lilypad Lacquer.  This is also a polish lover's dream - easy and effortless to apply, great brush.

And look, look how she bends in the light.  I love the extremes you can see in these photos, and the flashes of purple at the edge of the holo rainbow.  Fabulous.

Isn't she stunning?

So, 2 beyond gorgeous red polishes.  How do you choose?  The ONLY difference between them is that the Lilypad has a slightly more saturated red - it's more towards ruby, whereas the EdM is a slightly lighter red.

Both bend brilliantly, and qualitywise the are both spot on.  You don't need both, but for me, the Lilypad had the edge, but bear in mind that that's also like saying which identical twin you prefer :)  Whichever one you get, you'll be on a winner.

If you're in the UK, you can buy both of these from Sally Magpies.   Enjoy xx :)
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