Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Holo Month - Glittery Shimmery Teal Chevrons

Hi Goddesses

Teal, yes, teal !!  Ha ha, I know we don't have teal on the blog very often, but I am quite taken with this mani.

I did this a couple of months ago, and I "think" it was Globe and Nail who started this trend.   Basically, you take 3 polishes of opposing textures, and use them for your chevron.

I chose Dreamy by Darling Diva Polish, which is a holographic top coat.  It was more opaque than I expected, so I didn't quite get the look I was after, but I like it nonetheless.

The glitter is a favourite - Sunday Morning by The Polish Bar.  I love how it's predominantly blue based, but with that little bit of random purple thrown in.  I think it works magically with the teal base.

The possibilities with this mani are quite literally endless - it's a quirky and easy look, as long as you're confident with your tape!

Enjoy xx :)
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