Monday, 19 August 2013

Holo-oh-ohs! Lilypad Lacquer Week - I Love Lilac and Popping Purple

Hi Goddesses

This week, the blog is largely about one brand, one small, new brand, which I have fallen head over heels in love with.  I was lucky enough to review 3 colours several weeks back, and one of the first things I did after that was go and buy almost every other polish in the store.  That brand is Lilypad Lacquer.

So why have I fallen so hard?   It's a quality product, simple as.  Effortless application.  Intense pigmentation.  Smooth as a baby's bottom.  Holo-tastic.  Duochrome-delicious.  I was smitten from literally the first brushstroke.  Once you've tried a lot of polishes, sometimes you just KNOW.

So, every day this week, in honour of my newest polish obsession, I'll have 2 Lilypads to show you, and don't forget you can also see my original posts on Bubble Yummo and True Blood, and Ruby Slippers.

The first half of today's duo is I Love Lilac.  This was a polish I hummed and hawed about buying, as it looked a little bland in the photos. Eventually I decided ONE MORE POLISH wasn't going to make much difference, and into my basket it went.

And as so often happens, turns out it's one of my favourites  :)  I love its soft, calm tones, its subtle holographic twinkle, its super glossiness.  I love I Love Lilac.

This sparkles like fairy dust and just .... aw I want to squish it and cuddle it :)  This is beautiful, really really beautiful.

Popping Purple is one of the MANY purples Lilypad make (another of the reasons I love them lol).  This is bright, and funkier than a funky chicken at the funky chicken Olympics.

I love the pop of this colour.  It's a little bit blue, whilst still retaining its purple credentials.   Very bright, this is just a showstopper.

The holo is more scattered on this one (and I do like that all the polishes have differing degrees of holo-oh-oh-ness), but no less beautiful for that.  Maybe we'd have been blinded if she were any prettier.

Tomorrow I'll have 2 more polishes - including the one Nicole tempted me to the store with.   You can buy them on Etsy HERE or, if you are in the UK, from the lovely Sally Magpies.  Enjoy xx
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