Thursday, 22 August 2013

Holo-oh-ohs! Lilypad Lacquer Week - Pink Flamingo and Purple People Eater

Hi Goddesses

Another killer duo for you tonight - one utterly discotastic, the other more serene, but dazzling in her own way.

Pink Flamingo is just KAPOW!  WOW, what a colour!  This is just obnoxious, bold, brash - brilliant!  I love the un-subtlety of this colour.  Really, it's like Madonna, or Nicky Minaj.  Booteh.

I just love it.  I have been on a bright pink holo kick this summer and have accumulated either 5 or 6 lol.  This is by far the brightest, and is the ONLY thing that surpasses Lilypad's other pink masterpiece, Bubble Yummo.  I love the random blue flashes in this.  Genius.

One of Lilypad's real strengths is the colour saturation, and that is never better illustrated than with this polish.  It is spectacularly intense, despite the holo.

Oh yeh, the holo.  So you take an amazing colour and then add amazing holo.  Pretty much blinded.  And drooling.  NOT a good combo.

By contrast, Purple People Eater is more of an old-fashioned colour.  This is the colour that everyone tried to create after the success of OPI DS Original - virtually every holo maker has this dark lilac / light purple disco master in their arsenal.

To be fair, this is a good version.  Very linear, this has much more razzamatazz than most other dupes I have tried.

It's not totally a dupe for DS Original, but it's in the same family.  It's a bit darker, and a little less spectacular, but if you want this sort of colour in your collection, this is a really good version to go with.

This also feels very much like the twin of Periwinkle Twinkle - they both have the same tone and holo type, and make a lovely pairing.

You can buy these beauties on Etsy HERE or, if you are in the UK, from the lovely Sally Magpies.  

Enjoy, and I will be back tomorrow with a duochrome .... AND another purple :) xx 
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