Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Holo-oh-ohs! Lilypad Lacquer Week - Bluebell and Blooming Violets

Hi Goddesses

Today's Lilypad extravaganza starts with the news that I bought another 14 last night.  Ooops.  I am sorry, but they are totally irresistible.  If you think YOU have stronger willpower than me, then by all means visit the store and resist HERE :)

After I had reviewed a couple of bottles, Nicole messaged me and said "cooo-eeee, I hear you have a cat named Bluebelle.  Strangely enough, I have a polish of that name", and just like BAM, the polish was bought, even though it was nowhere near the colour of my beloved baby Bluebelle (seen here as a ickle kitten).

Bluebell (the polish) is a fabulously intense blue, several clicks brighter and lighter than a royal blue.  The colour is really gorgeous.

This is much more blue than a turquoise, and really captures the eye - it really is a striking shade.

The holo is gorgeous, soft and scattered rather than super bendy.  A great polish.

Blooming Violets .... I am on the fence about this one. I really can't decide if I love it, or whether I am totally meh about it.

This is the sort of colour my grandad would have called sky blue pink.  It's violet, but you can see both the blue and the pink in it, and that's at the heart of my conflict with this polish.

In some lights, the colours meld beautifully together and with the more linear holo, and in other lights, it looks a little unhinged - the blue and the pink seem too separate, and the polish for me looked a little metallic.

Now this could just be me, and it just could be the light.  I had similar problems with a recent Smitten Polish, yet both that one and this looked amazing on Sheila of Pointless Cafe who would SWIM in this colour if she could :)

Everytime I decide I don't like this one, I click to another photo and decide I love it lol.  Either way, I definitely don't have another holo colour like it.

You can buy these beauties on Etsy HERE or, if you are in the UK, from the lovely Sally Magpies.  

Enjoy, and I will be back tomorrow with perhaps the most stunning Lilypad of all .... :)
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