Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Holo-oh-ohs! Lilypad Lacquer Week - Velveteen and Periwinkle Twinkle

Hi Goddesses

Happy Hump Day!!  And welcome back to more Lilypad Lacquer loveliness.  Today I have very different polishes for you - ultimate holo bendiness from one, and ladylike scatter from the other.

Obviously we're starting with Velveteen.  Holo bendier than a Russian gymnast.  Colour to die for.  A lot of photos.  Suck it up.  And your drool :)

Velveteen is just EVERYTHING you ever want a holo to be.  Fabulous colour, amazing intensity and oh that bend!  The rainbow blessed this one with deep, dark yet groovy decadence.

This is an awesome browned off purple, damson-ish, that absolutely does look like brushed velvet.  It is soooo smooth and shiny AND BENDY and drooly and GAH I love it so much!!  I have many favourite Lilypads, and some days, this is my Number 1.

Honestly, I couldn't be more in love with this one if I tried.

Periwinkle Twinkle suffers in comparison, so don't compare it.  They are very different polishes, especially in holo density and gymnastics :)

Whilst this does have a linear bend to it, the effect is less disco-tastic than with Velveteen.  There's a real posh, refined aspect to this polish, as if she were born into the aristocracy :)

The colour is lovely too - subtle, but with depth.   Not too pale, this has some oomph and teeth to it, as well as a little bit of iciness to take the edge off the bright sky blue.

An under-rated beauty.

You can buy these beauties on Etsy HERE or, if you are in the UK, from the lovely Sally Magpies.  

Enjoy, and I will be back tomorrow with perhaps the most striking Lilypad of all .... AND another purple :) xx 
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