Monday, 26 August 2013

Layla Swatch-a-rama

Hi Goddesses

 A little bit of a round-up post here, featuring various polishes from the Italian brand Layla.  You've seen some of them before as bases to other manis, but here they are now in all their naked glory :)

CE66 is a beautiful medium blue, slightly denim in tone.

This applies beautifully and is super glossy.

CE12 is another super glossy polish, this time in taupe.

What makes this interesting for me, is that it's one of the darkest taupes I've seen, like a super strong coffee with one driblet of milk.

 CE53 aka Killing Red is just perfection.  A ruby flakie.  Yup.  Yes!!!

This just has so much electricity, it sizzles.  It's one of those polishes you can't stop staring at when you wear it.

Everything about it is perfect, from the colour, to the application, to the gorgeous flakies.

Then we have Soft Touch 04 in Neon Pink.  Oh this is exquisite.

Soft Touch is Layla's equivalent of a suede, but smoother - they almost look like velvet on the nail.  If you like textured polishes, you will love these.

Soft Touch 03 is the mink equivalent.  This is a really unusual colour.

It's not grey or beige or lilac, but some gossamer combination of all 3.

If you're in the UK, you can buy Layla at Sally Magpies, and in the US, they are stocked by Ninja Polish.  

Enjoy xx :)
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