Friday, 2 August 2013

piCture pOlish - There Was A Number 5 ??!!! Skittle ...

Hi Goddesses

Yay it's the weekend!!!  And it can't come soon enough.  I have a lot of nail polish planned for the next 2 days, as well as preparing some of the posts that take a bit more writing.

Today sees the final mani that I did for BlogFest and I thought it was a winner .... until I didn't lol.   I like the elements of this mani, but I think I was too aware of how short my nails were!

This all started with the little finger.  Originally I painted my nails each of my 3 shades - Beige, Wisteria, Honeydew - and dotted flowers on 4 nails.  On the ring finger I did the "reed" design you still see.

There was something charming yet babyish about those dots, so off they came, and on went the roses again, this time with more effort on trying to retain the saran wrap texture.

For variety, and to break the beigeyness, I painted the index finger purple with Wisteria, and did another version of the reeds on it.

I loved this mani and yet I didn't, which seems to be the unique characteristic of ALL the BlogFest manis I did (with the exception of the one that broke the rules).   Looking back over this week, I still don't know if I posted the best one as my official mani.  What do you think?

Enjoy your weekend xx :)
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