Thursday, 1 August 2013

piCture pOlish Trauma - The War of The Roses

Hi Goddesses

How's your week going?  I am overjoyed it is Thursday.  That means only 1 more day til the weekend, 2 more days at work, and then 12 days off!  Yippeeee ... I wonder what I'll do with all the spare time?  Hmmmm ....

Today's post is at the heart of my trauma with the piCture pOlish BlogFest experience.   From the moment I received my colours - Beige, Honeydew (green) and Wisteria (purple) - all I could see in my head was roses.  I resisted as I thought it was a bit obvious, but caved in the end, and created a STUNNING mani, possibly my best ever.  And then realised I had used green acrylic paint for the leaves.  Which was verboten.  So I had to scrap it.  Traumatic times, especially as my green was too pale to mix with black, for a similar effect.

So, back to the drawing board it was, and these 2 manis are the result.  I liked them both, but in the end picked neither - probably because I just couldn't decide which I preferred.

Both are the same mani - it's just that one version has a couple of extra steps.

I stated with the Honeydew, and then did a saran wrap with Beige to create a paler green base, so that there would at least be *some* contrast when I used my green again.   I really loved the base, but for reasons I'll explain, it's only really visible in this version of the mani.

I then did my roses with a large dotting tool, and mixed Wisteria with the Beige to create the milkier purple you see for the petals.   This is the point I stopped at, and I did like this version, especially the texture (both of the saran wrap and the lack of top coat), but all I could see was the absence of leaves .....

So I added leaves.  This time I mixed Honeydew and Wisteria to create an off green colour that looked ok for a leaf lol.  And top coated.

And whilst I ALSO like this version, I mourn the fact that it doesn't contain the texture of the other version.  This ultimately, is why neither got used - I liked some aspects of one, and some aspects of the other, but didn't love either in its entirety :(

I've got a rose tutorial coming up at the weekend (and they are shockingly easy to do), and I leave you with this, the mani that could not be used ..... sniff .... (you'll get to see more of it for a guest post on an awesome blog soon).

Enjoy - tomorrow is the skittle I did!  xx  

Oh and Lisa N ??  Thanks for being such a loyal follower and commenter, my sweet xx
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