Saturday, 24 August 2013

Red Swatch-a-rama - ALL The Red Polishes

Hi Goddesses

Today we're clearing all the red polishes out of the vault, and you know what that means - yup, some of these are a year old, so the photo quality is going to be variable.

We start with Footloose by Deborah Lippmann, an absolutely beautiful polish.  I am very drawn to reds that flirt with orange, and this is just the perfect example of that type of polish.

This is smooth and super easy to apply, and just 100% awesome.

The we have Red Headed Step Child by Hot Mess Lacquer.   This was a polish I wanted for a long time, as much for the name as for the fact it was a red glitter.

Whilst it LOOKS pretty, this was an utter PITA to apply, and frankly, I lost my temper with it.  If you're more patient than me, go for it, but in the meantime I say, don't call yourself Hot Mess Lacquer if what you produce IS a hot mess :(

Next is Ludurana Marmorizado Acqualux.  This is a lovely red jelly (*just* stepping out of orange county), sprinkled with micro holographic glitter.

This is lovely - one of those quick to grab polishes that can make your nails look fab in 10 minutes.

Ludurana Marmorizado Faiscante is the ruby twin of Acqualux.   Beautiful crimson jelly.

Again, this is full of those holographic sprinkles - effortless prettiness.

More recently I tried The Engineer by Red Dog Designs.  This is a STUNNER.  It's layered here over Barry M Blood Orange on all but the ring finger, where it's au naturel.

This is pretty much the perfect red glitter as far as I am concerned.  I just love it.  I love the mix of glitters in this, and those violet flashes.

As you can see by the abundance of photos, this just doesn't look bad, EVER.   If you haven't got this and you love red glitters, I would seriously urge you to track it down.

Poppy was my first RBL / Rescue Beauty Lounge purchase and I remember being ridiculously excited for it to arrive, not just for that orange-to-red base, but for the exquisite shimmer that breathes through each of their polishes.

Sadly, I have been underwhelmed by every RBL I have owned, and this was no exception.  It just did nothing for me.  I am not going to blame the brand here, it's clearly me, because every time I see other people wearing RBLs, I still want them.  I think we are just a partnership that's not meant to be.

And finally, Dragon's Breath by BB Couture, which was sent to me by Kim from Overall Beauty.   This is a gorgeous polish, and I think the only reason I haven't shared it sooner is because I was disappointed in my photos.

This is a lovely ruby-maroon, speckled with magic that catch the light and give it the appropriate dragon fire.

I was struggling to find my perfect lighting set-up when I took these photos, so some of them are a little too cool-toned.  The ones where my flesh looks like living flesh rather than corpse flesh are most colour accurate :/

Enjoy xx :)

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