Sunday, 4 August 2013

Stamping Sunday - Damask Stamping with GALS28

Hi Goddesses

It's a long long time since I did a Stamping Sunday, but today's theme is a plate ending in 8, and this baby was lurking in the vault ....

She's a weird one, though.  Why weird?  Well every time I look at this, I change my mind.  Love it, hate it, like it, meh it ... I've been through them all without settling on a definitive reaction.

This is the glorious Sally Hansen Shoot The Moon on base.  This is a fab metallic not-silver-not-gold-what-is-it-i-like-it colour that I can't get enough of.  It reminds me a little of moonrock.  Totally weird.

I stamped using Konad black and GALS 28 - a lovely little damask pattern.

The contrast between the black and the base is super dramatic - they really play off each other well.

So - like it or loathe it?

Enjoy xx 
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