Sunday, 25 August 2013

The End of Lilypad Lacquer Week - Caribbean Crush

Hi Goddesses

The sadness of this week is upon us, the final Lilypad Lacquer post :(  Don't worry though, I've ordered another 14, so that should keep us all happy in a couple of weeks time :)

Today's is one of the original 3 I was sent for review and it is super lovely.  I think I held onto it hoping to pair it with something, but never did find quite the right companion for it.  So, ironically, here he is, still on his own.

Caribbean Crush is a stunning purple to teal duochrome, that often looks navy too.  It's darkly delicious, and as dangerous as the deeps.

I love how the teal shimmer sings from within - it really reaches up and grabs the light. 

You can buy these beauties on Etsy HERE or, if you are in the UK, from the lovely Sally Magpies, who is having a massive restock in the next week or so.

This polish was sent to me for an honest review - enjoy xx  What's on your list?  Haha xx
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