Saturday, 17 August 2013

Thermal Colour Changing Polishes by Superficially Colorful Lacquer

Hi Goddesses

So I started this post HOURS ago.  Edited, cropped and watermarked photos, and then decided to crop and edit a few more.  I decided I would be clever, and save time by ALSO watching the next Netflix program on my list .... yeh, and then it went wrong lol.

That show was Orange Is The New Black and it's fantastic.  I'm now on Episode 7 as I'm typing this .... damn it's sucked me in lol.

Anyway, I have a very cool friend called Jin who runs a great blog called Superficially Colorful.   In her spare time she dabbles in making polishes, and sent me a few as a gift.  I was so impressed with them, I decided to post them on the blog, in the hope that we can persuade her she needs to start selling them, cos they really are awesome.

Let's start with Fascinated, a gorgeous blurple.   All these polishes start with the cold colours you see in the bottle, and with heat start changing colour.  Fascinated turns from a rich purple to an intense royal blue.

One of the joys of wearing these thermal polishes is that you get to spend the day wearing the coolest of gradients.  Not only that - sometimes it's a tip gradient, sometimes 50/50, other times it changes before your very eyes.  It's like toys for polish addicts :)

The pigmentation on these polishes is stunning.  I also love their matte texture.

The green - Impulsive - is really interesting, presenting pretty much an entire green spectrum.  When warm, it settles at a cross between cucumber and lime, and at its darkest it's the colour of cucumber rind.

The colour change here is more dramatic than the other 2, and I really love it for that.  I like the extremes of green, all on the same nail.

Here, I splashed cold water on my nails to get it back to its darkest.

Daring - the orange - held a horrible surprise.  

Yup, there, where my nails are warm ... oh dear god .... it turned yellow!  How cruel is that?  What sort of friend sends you an orange polish that turns yellow when you're not looking?  Evil friends, that's who ;)

I really love all these polishes.  The texture is awesome and so interesting visually, and I can't wait to try them for stamping.

Sadly, you can't buy them, so if you want them, you're going to need to start a begging thread in the comments :)  Enjoy xx 
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