Thursday, 19 September 2013

Work Wear Wednesday - Dandy Nails Bound To Fall

Hi Goddesses

In real life, grey is a colour I have no time for.  You're not black, you're not white?  Make your mind up!  In a polish, however, it can look stunning, and it seems to play off my skin tone really well.

Bound To Fall is perhaps the most beautiful grey I own.  It's dark, like smoke, with ever such a slight teal hint to it.

It's then flecked in the most beautiful way with darker grey pieces and super micro pieces, and the overall effect is just beyond gorgeous.

In some ways, this polish is very animal to me.  It's complex enough that you can imagine this as the plummage of an exotic bird, or the fur of a hitherto undiscovered tiger.

I don't often say this, but YOU MUST HAVE this polish.  It's crazy brilliant.  LOVE.

Enjoy xx :)
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