Monday, 23 September 2013

#33DC Day 1 - Dots

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to a super exciting day!  Today is the launch of the all-new #33DC which is being run through Crumpet's Nail Tarts.  We will be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the next 11 weeks.  Details of the challenge and how to join (cos it's still not too late!) will be at the end of the post :)

Today is also a famous post for a different reason.  This is the mani I was wearing when NubbinGate struck!  Yup, the last photos of my sweet ring finger before it got stumpy!

This mani features 2 of the OPI San Francisco polishes, which were new when I did this mani 6 weeks ago lol but which now seem old hat haha.  The blue is Keeping Suzi At Bay which is the middle blue of the 3.  It's nice, and has the great OPI formula, but there are a ton of similar polishes out there.  The silver, which I have a LOT of plans for, is Haven't The Foggiest and it looks amazing.

You'll notice that today's nail art "evolved".  I was just in a playful mood that night.   I've said this so many times before, but I still believe that this is the best way to experiment.  Crucially, I also took photos at every step so that if it went WAY wrong, I could pretend I had stopped just before it did lol.

The first dotted look was super simple, but made me think of dice lol.   I like the 2nd look (and use it a lot) - the dot within a dot.  It's so simple to do but always looks magical.

The final version was my favourite though - some smaller silver dots to fill in the blank space.   

Here are all the challenge details - remember, it's Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  If you want to come and join us, just click HERE.   Enjoy xx

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