Wednesday, 25 September 2013

33DC - Day 2 - Your Most Used Colour Polish (single bottle)

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to Day 2 of the 33DC.  Today's prompt asks you to pick your most used colour polish.  When I wrote the prompt, I meant the single polish that is coloured, that you use the most, but as the wording is a little ambiguous, you might see some manis today that are about the colour rather than a single polish.

Anyway, the bottle of coloured polish I use the most of is Barry M Blood Orange.  It's just magnificent.  Perfect bright red.  Super glossy.  Good to go in 2 coats, sometimes 1.  Everything about it is perfection.

I know this is my most used polish, because I just had to buy a 2nd bottle.  For me to have used nearly a whole bottle in a year is unheard of, but this is my go to for glitter undies and nail art too (although OPI Planks A Lot is a close second).

This is a very simple polka dot mani which is inspired by the top worn by a colleague at work!  Yep, it really is that bad now - I look at what people are wearing and go "ooooh, that would make a good mani".   

I used my tiniest dotting tool - the same one throughout - although it doesn't look like it!  This is because some polishes were runnier than others and made different sized dots.

We have Elevation Polish Tavan Bogd (lilac) and Jengish Chokusu (mint), Models Own Beth's Blue (I hope you could guess that was the blue) and China Glaze Lemon Fizz.   I really like how these colours pop together.

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