Friday, 20 September 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Barry M Berry Cosmo and Crystal Glaze

Hi Goddesses

Today I have "The Other 2", 2 brand new polishes from Barry M that don't fit with either of the new collections, but are being released at the same time.

First off we have Berry Cosmo, a new addition to the original Nail Paint line.  I thought this looked very similar to Bright Purple, but actually it's a lot darker.  Also, in the bottle, it leans magenta, but on the nail, it's a lot darker too, veering towards purple.

Again, this is just perfect for the season.  It's such a lush, rich colour, oozing fireplace / Christmas party goodness.

My photos are glossy - please bear in mind that that is the work of my good friend Poshe.  The Nail Paints themselves aren't "super" glossy, so you will need a top coat to get this level of shine.

I also stamped over it, but was disappointed with the pattern I chose, which just hid too much of the polish.

Crystal Glaze, then.  A Barry flakie!  That is actually quite exciting.  Sadly, for me, this is the only dud out of the 12 polishes.  (I layered mine over Crush, the ruby red matte).

Let me explain.  When I say this is a flakie, it literally IS full of flakes - large irridescent, opalescent flakes, that sit on the nail like glitter.  Personally, I didn't like that at all, hence my comment on FB the night I did this mani that I felt like I had psychedelic psoriasis on my nails!

Personally, I think this concoction needed to be kept in the blender longer.  Sure, the flakes change colour like they need to, but they're just too *heavy*.  Whether or not you like this polish will, I think, depend on your previous flakie history.  If you already own some, I would probably avoid this one (unless you LIKE the idea of it being heavier).  If you've never tried a flakie, this is a good place to start.   Also, this could be a good thing if Barry goes on to perfect his formula - how exciting would it be if he released 5 light-as-a-feather flakies next year (Fingerpaints style)!

Tomorrow the post will be a bit of a round up and focus on general questions about the products - how did they wear / did they remove easily / do they stamp etc.

Finally,  these polishes will launch in Superdrug on September 25th, and in Boots on October 2nd.   Berry Cosmo will be priced at £2.99 and Crystal Glaze at £3.99.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review - enjoy xx
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