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Crumpet Reviews - Barry M The MATTE Nail Paint Collection

Morning Goddesses

We start today with the matte nail paints, which I was sent for review from Barry M.  Of all the polishes in the box, these were the ones that excited me most.  Why?  Because they were unexpected.  I had no idea Barry and his M were heading in this direction.  So, have they done a good job?

Yes, basically.   There is some difference to how these polishes apply - a couple are thinner or thicker than the others - but as you would expect of mattes, most are close to one coaters.

For me, these dry to a finish a couple of clicks away from matte - they have a slight wax look to them.  Either way, I'm not bothered, as they all look fab, but it's worth pointing out, because in my experience, wax finishes hold the light more than mattes, and as you'll see in some of the photos, the polish is definitely holding the light.

The only one I had an iota of application issues with was Vanilla.  I always find the first mani of a Barry M bottle finickity, so I am not too worried - I'm sure it will be fine next time.

And finally, just before we get to the polishes - all I am going to talk about in this post is the colours.  There will be another post after everything is swatched which looks at - do they stamp / can you put matte top coat over them etc.   The only other thing I'll add today is that these wear better than any other matte I've ever worn - 3 days, no wear, no chips.  I NEVER get that lucky.

Ok, let's start with Vanilla then, because that's the one you saw for my tape mani on Friday.  If you look *very* carefully, you'll see some spots where the polish didn't level, but as I said, I'm confident I won't have that problem next time I use this polish.

I love the colour of this.  It's a cold, stone beige, infused with pink.   I felt SO ladylike when I put this on lol.   Not only does it look great, it's pretty much perfect as a nail art base too.

Crush.  Wow, what can you say about Crush.  For me, this one is ALL about the colour, and the dried blood saturation of this is just off the scale.

This is so darkly delicious in so many ways, I can see me wearing this a lot.  Also, it's really HARD to matte a colour this vibrant, so hats off to Barry for a GREAT polish.

Espresso.   Argh, I was so nervous with this one!   I am rubbish with black polish, but this may become my staple black polish - I suspect it's brilliant for art work.

Now, this polish is a great example of what I mean by these polishes having a slightly waxy appearance.   Can you see how this black is holding the light?  And how, actually, it looks like an old LP, with a vinyl aspect to it?  Great polish.  On the nail, this looked like a freshly painted blackboard.

Mocha.  Hmmmm, I don't do brown, but I must confess a grudging soft spot for this one.  Look, doesn't it look like melted chocolate (Galaxy, specifically).

The glossed nail looks spectacular, but the whole thing was just dreamy.  I never wear brown polish, but if you love brown, I suspect you'll want this one badly.

And finally Caramel.  I think there's too many letters there and it should be Camel.  This is very camel coloured, very natural leather.

My camera tried to make this yellow, so please bear that in mind.  In real life, there are no yellow or mustard tones going on, just a very warm, natural, dark beige.

Overall, I am very impressed.  I've already started doing nail art with them, and they are just PERFECT, colourwise, for autumn.

The Mattes will retail at £3.99 and launch in Superdrug on September 25th, and in Boots on October 2nd.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review - enjoy xx

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