Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Crumpet Reviews Brijits Digits - Ragnarök, Orchis des Marais and Annie Laurie

Hi Goddesses

A couple of weeks ago, a lady called Brijit asked me if I'd like to review her polishes. It's not a good reflection on me or my selection process that I said yes when I realised her name rhymed - Brijits Digits.  I instantly took a liking to her when she joked that her mother had sealed her fate, and her brand name, at birth :)

She sent me 3 polishes, all of which are different - a sparkly crelly, a thermal and flecked polish.   It's really nice to see an indie not drowning in glitter.  All of the polishes applied nicely and easily, with no issues, and the only reason I am perhaps not wowed by them is due to the colours I received.  Certainly I see potential in this brand, and after all, colour preference is highly personal.

Ragnarok is the pink crelly, gently infused with sparkle.  This is a really delicate polish, and I used 3 coats.

Easy application, no issues at all, but probably not a colour I would personally reach for.

Orchis des Marais is the thermal, and it's funny - I didn't realise it was until it changed before my eyes!

This compares very favourably with other thermals I have tried, and gets extra points for that amazing shimmer.  Real artistry.

This changes from sugar pink to lilac, but please don't think (because of my photos) that there's not a lot of colour change.  Generally, my body temperature is hotter than a hot thing, in a heat wave, standing next to an exploding volcano, drinking alcohol.  It's off the scale lol!  Hence you can only see a small amount of cold at the tips.  However, when I played with them at work, pressing them against an ice cold Coke can, they changed back to lilac in an instant.

Finally the grey, Annie Laurie, and in some ways, this was my favourite.

Although the colour didn't ignite me, the texture did.  This is texture in the old fashioned use of the word - flecked, speckled, rather than lumpy.

This looks like a semi-glossy suede and was really interesting.  This is what I mean about the brand having potential - I'd have loved to have seen this in an orange or blue.

You can buy Brijits Digits HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.  This is definitely one to keep an eye on, especially if, like me, you're starting to get glitter exhaustion.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review - enjoy xx :)
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