Sunday, 22 September 2013

Drool Britannia - w7 Suedes

Hi Goddesses

I don't know about you, but the word suede (in relation to polishes) can always be relied upon to get me excited.  The OPI Suedes are legendary, and rightly so, and even a lot of so-called matte polishes tend to have more of a suede appearance.

I was really excited then when w7 released some Suedes a couple of months ago, not least because w7 is usually sold at a bargain price.  However, it was a bit of a thumbs down experience.

Whilst the polishes you are about to see LOOK lovely, they were an utter PITA to apply.  Drag marks galore, bald spots, really finickity.   I am sure most of this is due to a quicker drying time, but if you get your stroke wrong, or it's not laden enough, seriously, don't even try to go back and adjust it, or you'll get VERY frustrated.

The colours then, and let's start with my obvious favourite, the purple - Mauve Suede.  This was dark and decadent and I loved it (application issues aside).

This colour is made for winter, and looked great - nice and heavy, but in a good way.

Pink Suede was also a nice colour, and also held the light nicely.

If you can get past the application issues, this is a good nail art polish - I always think it's good to have a variety of textures in your stash.

Silver Suede - looks nice, doesn't it.  This was the most evil of the 4 to apply.  Evil, I tell you.  (Which is why not all the nails are in all the photos - ha!)

I hated applying it so much that I couldn't even be bothered to try stamping with it.

And finally, Aqua Suede, most heinous polish .... so, you've got the application issues and then YUP, you've got staining issues too.

I'm not a particularly messy painter these days, but can you see (especially around my ring finger) the holy mess that was created?  Wow, this would not clean up for love nor money.  Avoid, avoid, avoid.

If you're more patient than me, these issues may not bother you.  I'm sure the application can be resolved once you perfect a technique, but I was sadly disappointed in these.  Bummer considering how pretty they look.

Enjoy xx 
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