Sunday, 22 September 2013

Glitter Polishes - Should You Wear Undies? feat Shimmer Polish Eva

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a How To / Comparison piece for you, looking at the best way to wear a glitter polish.  The polish we're using is Shimmer Eva, which was sent to me for review.

Before we get in to the hoo-hah, a little clarity.  The polishes I am talking about here are the ones that CAN build to opacity, not the Connect The Dots / Random Dancing type of polishes.  We're looking at the glitters that look opaque in the bottle.

Usually, although these glitters LOOK opaque, they're not.  They tend to be built on a jelly base, and let's face it, they have to be.  You're not going to get a very glittery polish if you make the base too thick.

extra camera POP for illustrative purposes!

So, let's look closer at Eva.    Gorgeous ruby red base, laden with red, black, silver glitter, super scrummy.  On the index and ring fingers, she's naked, and on the middle and pinkie, she is layered over Zoya Dakota.

So why would you want to even wear undies?  Well for a start, we all know glitter polishes are a pain.   The more you wear, the harder it is to get off, so using a base colour can significantly reduce this hardship.   Also, sometimes you just lose a little of the magic if you wear too much.

Also, because the glitters tend to be suspended in a jelly, a base colour can really help you get more depth and therefore, more KAPOW.  You may also notice that the ring finger (no undies) looks a little threadbare in places compared to the middle finger (undies).

The trick is to pick a base that compliments your glitter, and is as close the jelly colour as possible.  A little bit either side is ok, but a pillar box red here would have made Eva look .... not like Eva.  (and, despite the photo looking like a pillar box red LOL, Dakota is actually a ruby red.  Sorry, I was still getting used to my camera!)

What's your preference?  How do you like to wear yours?

Enjoy xx
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