Sunday, 8 September 2013

Happy Hands - Metal Heart

Hi Goddesses

An utterly glorious polish for you today, and one which has been inexplicably locked in the vault for 4 months.

Often, I feel a very jaded nail polish whore. I feel I have seen and tried sooooo many polishes that I get a bit meh about the whole thing.  And then, every now and then, a polish is released which just takes my breath away and I turn back to the jibbering wreck who can't live til she gets her paws on the polish lol.

Step forward Metal Heart.  This is just stunning.  Absolutely stunning.   This is a dark berry-magenta smoosh, absolutely loaded with glitter.  Best of all?  A lot of that glitter is black, making this the perfect polish for a fairy biker chic.  And the bits that aren't black?  They're purple!  Scream!

I wore mine over Sally Hansen Berry Important.  It's a good trick to use a creme replica of your glitter polish as your base, as it stops your nails getting glitter overload.

I couldn't stop staring at this one - total love.  Enjoy xx :)
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