Sunday, 1 September 2013

HARE Polish - Bury The Hatchetfish, Cast In Bronze, Golden Years and Medusa Luminosa

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to Day 2 of the HARE Polish Swatcharama!

We start today with Bury The Hatchetfish, a taupe jelly laden with blue-violet flecks.

This is a really unusual polish, and personally I love the clash of warm and cold tones here.

Cast in Bronze is one of my absolute favourites - a wonderfully warm purple with bronze glitters.  Winner.

Golden Years is one of the most exquisite polishes I have ever come across.  This was one of the first times I really lost my heart to a greeny-teal polish, and I don't care!

This shares a lot with Amethystos in the composition of the glitter, albeit that this has warmer tones.  The mixture here is just incredible, like an ancient Mediterranean dive.

Medusa Luminosa looks, on the surface like a made-for-Crumpet polish, but I really struggle sometimes with these violet-y purples.  This one looked too brash and bright against my skin tone.  Sadness.

Enjoy xx :)
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