Saturday, 7 September 2013

HARE Polish - Oceans of Alloys, Pegasus, King of Carat Flowers, Reverie in Rubellite and Rusty Hearts

Hi Goddesses

Here is the 3rd and final instalment of HARE polishes lurking in the vault.  Or should that be burrow lol?

Oceans of Alloys is the sister to Amethystos and just as gorgeous.  A beautiful dusty blue, this is littered with gold and bronze pieces.

Pegasus is one of HARE's most famous polishes, but sadly it did nothing for me.  The lilac was a little bit too white for my tastes.

This is very much the twin to A Positive and Bisbee, and also shares their larger glitter selection.

King of Carat Flowers is a true beauty and also a really original piece of polish-making.

This is a porridge coloured base, smothered with lemon and lilac glitters.  Totally classy, utterly gorgeous.

Reverie in Rubellite is another favourite, and is the twin to Cast In Bronze.

This time, the bronze glitters are a little more copper toned, and are suspended in a warm mulberry base.  I love this one.

And finally, Rusty Hearts.  I really liked this one.  It's rich and almost a one coater.   

Ultimately, I didn't keep it, but only because it was so similar to Duri's The Night Before Christmas, and the Duri sounds more magical lol.

Enjoy xx :)
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