Saturday, 7 September 2013

Literary Lacquers - The Literary Liquor Collection Part 1 - Dandelion Wine, Jack Rose and I'm Drinking Stars

Hi Goddesses

I am so excited to bring you this post today.  It's been a real labour of love.  I swatched the 6 polishes in the Literary Liquors Collection last weekend, and in the end, I decided one post would NOT do them justice, so I've divided it into 2.  In this first part we have "the neutrals".

Let's start with Dandelion Wine.  You all know my hatred of all things yellow.  Amy was all "give it a chance, give it a chance" lol, and although I'm never ever going to say "ooooh, I want to wear yellow today", I CAN appreciate the beauty of this polish.

This is a crazy yellow gold holo with speckles of .. almost violet craziness.  This one has the dazzle-o-meter cranked up to 11.

More than anything, I think this reminds me of Indian gold.  If you've ever seen Indian jewellery, it's more yellow than normal gold, and that's the vibe this one gives off.  Oh, and a buttercup.  Yup, buttercup holo :)

Jack Rose .. ah .... whiskey, cognac, ginger, honey ... yup, all there, whipped up into a bottle of holo delish :)

This is a really rich colour and I am looking forward to using it in some autumn manis.  Caramel, autumn leaves, there's something about this colour that screams roaring fires and mugs of warm liquid.

The amber tones are specatcular.  This is a great example of colour meeting medium - I can't imagine this colour without the holo in it now.  Bronzey coppery goodness.

And finally, I'm Drinking Stars.  Firstly, (as with all this collection, which is named after drinks in famous novels) I love the name of this one, and wow does this ever sum the polish up perfectly.

This is a strange champagne of white gold and yellow gold, co-mingling.  In most lights it retains the cooler stone tones, but when the light hits, it catches fire, blasting amber rainbows out from the centre.

What does this one remind me of?  Well, bare with me, but it reminds me of the fur of a seal cub.  When you see their lovely chubby bodies and their fur coats, THIS is the colour shift you see, from cold to warm, in the exact tones of this polish.

So, we're agreed, yes?  These are all awesome ??  Hahahahaha, just WAIT for part 2, cos I saved THE best for last.

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Enjoy xx :)
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