Sunday, 8 September 2013

Literary Lacquers - The Literary Liquors Collection Part 2 - Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, Two At The Very Most and Strawberry Ice Cream Soma

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to Part 2 of my review of the newest Collection from Literary Lacquers.  You can catch Part 1 here.

I'm pretty sure that when I come to write up my end of year posts in a couple of months, that this polish will be pretty near the top of my Polish Of The Year tree.  Behold - Pan Glactic Gargle Blaster.

This polish is just 7 shades of magnificent.  I had high hopes for it when I saw it in the bottle, but wow, it's INCREDIBLE.

Firstly, my photos are leaning a little green.  There is more blue to the polish than my photos are showing.  In real life, this is just fathomless oceans - from the deep blue of the Med to the tranquil green of the Caribbean.  It's stunning.

And then it has holo.  And sparkles!  The depth of this polish is amazing.  Definitely the standout from this collection.

Next we have Two At The Very Most, the only glitter in this collection.  I like this verrrrry much.

I said the other day that I am feeling very "over" glitter, but every collection needs a good black and white glitter topper, and this succeeds in so many ways.

I love that it's black, white, gold AND silver.  I love the super subtle shimmer in it.  And I love the glitter mix, which includes squares AND dots.

And finally, Strawberry Ice Cream Soma, the pink.   It's funny, I assumed this one would be my favourite, as it's the most Crumpet-y colour of the Collection, but actually, it's possibly my least favourite - how weird is that.

Now saying this is my least favourite is like saying sherry is my least favourite alcohol - honey, it's ALL good - but the colour in this one just didn't grab me like the others.

That said, this is lovely, a very simple, and subtle pink, so for those of you looking for an elegant, delicate holo, this will be perfect.   Great colour to wear to the wedding too.

All of these polishes were sent to me for my honest review.  You can buy them HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.

So, which one is your favourite ?  Enjoy xx :)
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