Friday, 6 September 2013

Rich Silver Swirls with GALS 21

Hi Goddesses

Oooooh, isn't this one dramatic?   

I love the rich, deep, intense colour here, courtesy of Sally Hansen Scarlet Fever, a crimson laced with berry craziness.

This mani uses a GALS plate, number 21, and whilst I love some of the patterns, I wish I'd realised earlier how small the plates are.  For all of you who moan that all the plates are too BIG these days, these are the ones you should try - they're about the same size as the original Bundle Monsters.

The silver is my new favourite stamping polish - Essie No Place Like Chrome.  Man these Essies stamp perfectly - you get a crisp but thick (not as in gooey, but as in ...what's the word ... you get substance) presence.  I can't get enough of it for stamping.

There's something very Victorian drawing room for me about this mani - either way, I love the pay off between the silver and the decadent colour.

Enjoy xx :)
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