Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Barry M Autumn Collections - Questions and Answers

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is a little mish mash of everything - random questions I have been asked about the polishes, and things I thought you would like to know.

Q1 - How do the matte polishes look glossy?

Answer - lovely!  Above, you can see Mocha.  These look great glossied up (I used Poshe).

Q2 - How do the textures look glossy?

Answer - again, lovely, but some colours work better than others.  My favourite was how Countess looked like fireworks.

Q3 - Do the mattes stamp?

Answer - yes they do!   Here, I stamped over Lady with Espresso.  Easy to use, clear image, good consistency.  

On the middle finger, you can see how it compares with Konad Black (which is the king of them all).  I would say the mattes stamp as well as any non-stamping polish brand.

Q4 - Do the textures come off easily?

Answer - hhhmmmm.   Well, these are glittery textures.   They don't come off as easily as a "just texture" polish, but they are also not as hard to remove as a glitter.  I found that leaving the cotton pad on for a minute was enough for easy removal.

Above you can see how Countess looks as she starts to come off.

Q5 - Can you paint over the textures?

Answer - yes you can!  Ok, excuse the bad photos here, but I was just playing around.  What I wanted to see was whether sponging another polish on top would retain the texture, and it did.   Here I used Berry Cosmo and Princess. Yup, gonna be trying that properly soon.

Q6 - Can you top coat the Mattes?

You've seen above that a normal top coat makes the mattes nice and glossy.  I was intrigued to see what would happen if I used a wax top coat and a matte top coat.  Wax went on the index finger, matte on the ring.

I have to say, neither made a MASSIVE amount of difference.  The middle finger looks darker, so rather than affect the finish, it's more like they affected the colour.

If you think using one of the these top coats will extend the wear time for you, go for it - I honestly don't think you'll be able to tell the difference.

Q7 - How did they wear?

I only tested the wear time on this tape mani I did.  I had this on for 3 days with no chipping.  Usually, I find matte polishes chip super quickly because you don't / can't protect them with a top coat, so I was super impressed with these.

Q8 - Can you stamp over the textures?

Answer - yes you can!  Again, not my best work, but I just wanted to show you how clean the image drop was.

Q9 - Can you mix and match them?

Answer - yes.  Here is Duchess, sponged over Caramel.  The textures are great for glitter gradients.

Phew!  Did that cover everything ?  These polishes were all sent to me for review - enjoy! xx
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