Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does It All Again - Animals

Hi Goddesses

I LOVE THIS MANI!  Until we get to the point where I broke Cardinal Rule Number 17, but we'll talk about that later!

I love animal prints, especially leopards, and today's mani is inspired by a notebook I bought the other week, which you may have seen in my Not Just A Nail Polish Whore post.

I loved the pop of orange in the pattern, and knew that I had to recreate it.  And yes, I did use 2 Essies.  You now know they're not one of my favourite brands, but there's no denying they sometimes make astonishing colours.

The base is Big Spender, a stunning fuchsia-come-violet-with-maybe-a-dash-of-purple, and the orange is Orange, It's Obvious.  Essie side note - I used to hate their skinny little brush, but OIO has a gorgeous fat one, like the Sally Hansen CSM brushes, which made application much easier for me.

I then added a little bit of orange to each nail, with a dotter, and then added edging and additional spots with w7 Black.

Oh and yeh, then I smeared it by adding matte top coat.  ALWAYS add normal top coat before your matte .... dammit Crumpet!

Apart from that, I super super love this.  It's so bright and funky.  It really made me happy wearing this mani - I managed to drag it out for 3 whole days before I had to take it off.  Enjoy :)

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