Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does It All Again - Books

Hi Goddesses

I know you've heard me bleat about this a thousand times, but let's just say it again - I am a massive book lover, and it pisses the hell out of me that I really struggle with "book" challenges.

But wait, drum roll please ... for the First Time Ever, I am inspired and I Like It!!

Those of you who know me on Facebook will have heard me raving recently about Orange Is The New Black.  I watched the series in one gluttonous weekend, and then bought the book.

The concept started as a book, but the execution of the TV series was brilliant - I never thought I would love watching a series about a women's prison, but the characterisation was so rich, it was irresistible.

So, I picked up Essie Orange, It's Obvious, and my China Glaze Black Ink pot, a dotting tool, and a straw, and set to work.  To be fair, this is just a great excuse for an orange and black skittle (and how awesome do those 2 colours look together).

For the thumb, I used my Barry M nail art pen.  I was worried about denting the orange, so pressed lightly, and after a couple of letters (which I planned to go over again), realised I had accidentally made it look like stitching, and it was supposed to depict Piper's surname on her clothing labels.

If you haven't watched it yet, seriously, go to Netflix and watch it now - it's the show of the year so far for me.

Enjoy xx :)

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