Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does It All Again - Love and Heartbreak

Hi Goddesses

Ooooh it feels strange to be doing this on a Saturday!  I almost forgot - oops.

Today's theme is Love and Heartbreak, and although I see GREAT manis from others on this theme, I always feel I struggle to be original.  However, I think I have been, this time.   Not only that, it's symbolic too.

I couldn't decide which end of the spectrum I wanted to do - love, or heartbreak - and as I was musing about it, I realised that all too often in life, love has a life cycle.  We fall in and out of love all the time, so this is the life cycle of love - from the first bloom, to the lonely death.

For my colours, I chose all KIKO 
* 329 Pale Grey - to denote apathy, or a blank canvas
* 642 Hot Pink Sugar Matt - for flirting, and the first bloom of love
* 238 Martha Red - passion
* 244 Dark Plum Red - when love turns sour, withers and dies

I got symbolic with my hearts, too.  The love multiplies between the index and middle fingers, and then starts to tumble - first with the giddy freefall of passion, and then with love or love / hate out of control, until finally, on the pinkie, it plummets to its death.

Wow, seriously the DEEPEST mani I've ever done lol - enjoy!  xx

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