Monday, 9 September 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does It All Again - Geeks

Hi Goddesses

How was your weekend?  My sinuses and I spent most of it waiting for a storm that never came until today, oh and cooking all the food in a freezer that suddenly decided to defrost - score!

Still, there was one bonus - I forgot I'd already done these nails for my Geek mani, so that was one less thing to do :)

This circuit board mani was originally done by Ashley (Smashley Sparkles) when we did Geek Week, and since then I've seen it created by a lot of other people.  Even so, it wasn't as easy to do as I expected, and I don't like my version as much :/  oh well.

This uses one of the amazing new Mentality polishes on base.  Overcast is a dark, satanic green, infused with flecks of golden light.  Oh and it's matte.  And a one coater.  I love it, and you know I'm not a green fan.

My detail is courtesy of Essie Penny Talk, a great addition to any polish collection, especially if you're a stamper.

Back tomorrow with Animals :)  Enjoy xx

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