Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Random Round Up - Disappointments

Hi Goddesses

So last week we had all the good, exciting, must have things in Nail Land, today we have the flip side.  I must confess, I have been quite nervous about this post.  Don't get me wrong, I want to point out to you the products I wouldn't buy again, but I also don't want it to sound like a trashing post - that's not the aim.  So here goes, and please, your feedback will be really welcome.

We start with some things that have been in the vault for quite a while.  The first is the Essence Gel Effect top coat, which I was excited to try several weeks ago.

Whilst it does give a nice glossy finish comparable with Poshe, it Does Not Dry, and even the next day, if I sat on my hands (I was in a meeting, bored lol), I could get the fabric of my trousers to imprint in my polish.  Not good.

Another thumbs down for Essence on their "make your own polish" Colour Arts kit.  It comes with clear polish and a variety of pigments, and even the tools to mix them with.   Beth was very excited, and looking forward to another blog post of her own.

So far, so good - until you try to get it on the nail.   The instructions recommend mixing your pigment, applying it on top of your clear polish, and then adding another coat of polish to seal it.  Which is fine .... except it doesn't look opaque.

So then we tried mixing the pigment IN the polish - yeh, that didn't turn out well either.  Bless her, she was so excited, but this was a product that just added up to less than its parts.

Next we have some Essies.   As we know, buying from photos can be hard, so I made some mistakes recently.   They're all lovely colours but they really are oh so similar -

thumb /pinkie - Bottle Service.  Index - Fiesta.  Middle - Bachelorette Bash.

And then here's the other reason I personally dislike Essie (even though they look gorgeous in the bottle).  THIS is what happens to me within 24 hours.  Chemically, we just don't get along.

Again, these are 3 colours that are super similar, so don't go buying them all!  Thumb and pinkie are Rose Bowl, Index and Ring are Wife Goes On and the middle is Watermelon.

We also have Poshe sadness over these last few weeks.  Poshe is my top coat of choice, but the combination of hot weather, the bottom of a year old LARGE bottle and a fan made it go all wispy and stringy whenever I tried to use it.  Not good. You can just about see the hairy bits in this photo.

So what's disappointed you recently, and is this sort of post useful?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx :)
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