Tuesday, 15 October 2013

#33DC Day 10 - Flowers with Lilypad Lacquer and MoYou

Hi Goddesses

Sorry today's post is a day late, and I know I had a 3 day weekend but ... but I started watching Revolution.  And bloody loved it!  Suddenly the number of episodes I had watched exceeded the number of manis that I'd done, and then it was a toss up between editing or watching the last 2 episodes.  Sorry :)

Now, back on Day 3 it took me 3 attempts to get a tape mani I was happy with.  Today's mani started out as one of those rejects.

This is a tape mani using 2 Lilypad Lacquers - My Enchantmint and Global Greenie - as well as my favourite zig zag stickers.

In the end though, the result was just too subtle, so they went on my tape mani heap.  I then turned to my new and lovely MoYou plates and picked this sensational rose pattern from Princess Collection 12.

What I find really interested, is how not only can you not tell I stamped over a tape mani, but you can barely tell I stamped over 2 holos! Lol.  That stamp sure is a spotlight-hogger.

Another word on MoYou (and you'll here a lot more before the end of the year) - they are my favourite plates OF ALL TIME.  Beautiful, interesting, unique .... and they stamp with precision every time.  If your wallet can tolerate it, go and have a look - HERE.

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