Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#33DC Day 11 - 3D

Hi Goddesses

Ok, so 3D isn't really me.  I am trying to use the occasional stud and glequin, but they are very much the exception rather than the norm.

Also, I am not one for gimmicky, whimsical manis, so kick back - this may be the only time you see something as ridiculous as this on this blog haha.

The base is the stunning Bejeweled by Too Fancy Lacquer, which you saw a couple of days ago.  The fish (?) are from a nail wheel full of the little buggers, which I bought off eBay.

The colour of this holo is so oceanic that there had to be fish in there somewhere, but I was quite disappointed to realise I didn't have any stick on pishes :(

Oh well.  Whatever they are, they remind me of Unda Da Sea in The Little Mermaid.  :)

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