Saturday, 19 October 2013

#33DC Day 12 - A Pattern In Your Home - Leopard Print Slippers!

Hi Goddesses

I am really pleased with today's mani.  Not only does it look good, it really DOES look like its inspiration.  Look!

These are my summer slippers.  Beth and I have matching pairs, and we both like them verrrrry much.  I have meant to do them on my nails for quite a while, so today's prompt was a really good excuse!

For the cream we have OPI My Vampire is Buff, and the lilac is OPI You're A Budapest.  I resisted buying Budapest for the LONGEST time (in a rare rational moment, I thought "well I have so many lilacs already"), but I am glad I finally scooped it up, as it has a much colder, bluer tone than a lot of my lilacs.   The grey is China Glaze Stone Cold, and I keep forgetting the pretty shimmer in this.

To get the slipper edging, I painted my nail in Budapest, and then mixed Budapest and MVIB to create a softer, fluffier colour.  I then added this with a small brush, deliberately keeping my strokes messy to create some texture.

Next week we have Chinese, Abstract and Animals as the themes and I haven't started a single one yet.  Argh!

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