Saturday, 26 October 2013

#33DC Day 15 - Animals

Hi Goddesses

Here I am again, fashionably late to my own challenge!  I really have no excuse to offer other than total laziness.  I just could not get my mojo together yesterday as far as editing and writing were concerned - I guess that means a bit of a catch up day today then!

Today's post features OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia which I was sent for review by a UK etailer called Chemist Direct.  I hadn't heard of them before, but they have lots of good stuff at reasonable prices.

Flashbulb Fuchsia may just be my favourite pink polish EVER.  I really was not prepared for how awesomely sparkly it is - it's just amazing.  I've used it loads since it arrived - it just seems to have an extra little bit of magic to it.

Now, you may be sat there thinking "what on earth hoohah animal is THAT".  Well .... it's this design, a butterfly wing from MoYou Pro Collection 04.  I admit, it doesn't look much like a butterfly wing on my nail, but I liked how abstract it looked, plus I was pretty sure no one else would have a mani like this for the challenge!

I hope you have a great weekend lined up - I might get a little YouTube action lined up for you :)

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