Wednesday, 30 October 2013

#33DC Day 17 - Your Favourite Brand

Hi Goddesses

Today's choice was a toughy.  What IS my favourite brand?  In truth I ....
a - do not know
b - cannot say, because that would spoil what I have planned for December ;)
c - both of the above

Lol.  There's probably 5 brands I could have chosen for today, but as one of my favourite brands is creating its own little Mount Untried, I went with the Aussie Awesomeness that is Lilypad Lacquer.

The polish you see above is Baby Boy Blue, a bright, light, serene pale blue holo.  This is pure and beautiful.  No dustiness, tinges of other colours, just pure baby blue.  Lovely.

I topped it with 2 stamps from MoYou Sailor Collection 07, a divine plate full of waves and tumbles.

The silver and the blue collided beautifully together - you can almost smell the sea spray.

Both polish and plate are the definition of easy and effortless to use - a great combo :)

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