Saturday, 5 October 2013

#33DC - Day 4 Tribal - Peace and Love and OPI

Hi Goddesses

A little bit of a catch up post this morning, as I didn't manage to get this mani done in time.  The advantage of that was that by the time I WAS ready to do it, my new Bundle Monster plates had arrived, and BM-402 just happened to feature a *perfect* tribal design.  Karma :)

On base today we have Peace & Love & OPI which is possibly one of the polishes of the year and is also possibly the best polish OPI have released in FOREVER.  It's a real throwback to some of their older, magic polishes, and also has a whiff of Have You Seen My Limo about it.

This is a dark, gothic grey polish, infused with purple to teal glimmers.  It's like the very fabric of the metal has these 2 colours pulsing through it.  It's sensational.

I struggled to capture the colour change ... until I switched up my lighting.  Seriously, this is some epic.  In some lights it also looked like emerald painted over black.   To be able to get 1 polish to show 4 or 5 colours simultaneously is quite the achievement.  As I said: epic.

And here is the cute tribal from BM-402.  For some reason, my photos of the OPI are much better here, and the polish and the design worked really well together.

I just love the movement of this polish - it's endlessly fascinating, and I ended up wearing this for 4 days lol, which is totally unheard of in CrumpetLand.

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