Monday, 7 October 2013

#33DC Day 7 - Oldest Untried and MoYou Sailor 05

Hi Goddesses

It's pretty much impossible to pick my oldest untried.  It's just over 2 years since I became polish obsessed, and I know I still have untrieds from that period.   Instead, I decided to go with the Untried I have been meaning to USE for the longest time.

Sally Hansen Gray By Gray is a great colour.  It's a dusty blue-grey, and I love it because it's based on cream rather than white, giving it an olde, vintage vibe.

For the stamping, I couldn't resist using one of my new MoYou plates.  This is Sailor 05.  If you haven't yet visited their website .... well, your purse will be happy.  If you DO visit them HERE, you will leave many ££ lighter lol.  Not only that, they stamp BRILLIANTLY - clean, crisp and perfect.

Sailor 05 is CRAMMED with loads of great images, so I decided to do a little skittle of my favourites.

On my thumb, we have this amazingly cute collage.

On index we have .... seals? porpoises?  manatees?  I don't know.  But I've never seen them on a plate before - yippee!!

On the ring finger is this amazing design that I ADORE for its intricate detail.  I can't decide if it's underwater plant life or sea monster tentacles, but I love it either way :)

And finally, on the pinkie, the little pishes!  Aren't they KA-UTE!    Seriously, this plate (like all their others) is just full of win.

So what's YOUR oldest untried and how old is it?

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