Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Peek Inside The Nail Room

Hi Goddesses

Last weekend, I made a jokey YouTube vid HERE about the nail room and the shit tip it was lol.  Shit tip, by the way, is its natural state.  It's a messy terrain.  Well used, rather than ornamental.

Well, before I did said jokey video, it was actually semi-tidy, and I usually like to mark those occasions with photos, if only to prove it does sometimes happen.

So, I thought you might like to see what lives on my desk, how I have stuff arranged, and what tools I've accumulated.  Here goes ....

First of all, here is the panorama shot in all its glory, before we zoom in on all the shit, accoutrements.

Now, let's give you an idea of scale.  My desk is 6 feet long and probably 3 feet deep.  On a good day, you can't see wood lol.  Right in front of my is my laptop -

And beyond that are 2 nail polish racks (just underneath the window).   These house my Konads, and the polishes I want to use next / soon.   Ignore what's to the left, we'll zoom in on that in a mo.

To the RIGHT we have another polish rack.  This one houses my Color Club holos (great for stamping) as well as some exciting new purchases.   There's also a wooden organiser which houses my Cheeky Jumbo plates and my MoYou plates  (although they hadn't moved in when the photo was taken) and a few random pens and brushes.  In the brown envelope are all those amazing tape stickers I have.  

In this photo you can also see my lamp, and a jumble of polishes I've just swatched (when this was taken it was Quirk and Hairy Legs London).    You can also see one of my most essential nail art tools - 

Cotton buds!  Essential for clean-up.  Although I use a clean up brush as well, these are essential for the sort of deep or wide-rannging cleaning required after stamping or gradients.

Next up we have the view to the left of the laptop.  To my left there is always at least 1 notepad.  This has various things on it - sometimes ideas, sometimes drawn ideas, and on the day this photo was taken, the weekend's To Do List (very common lol).

Around this area, there's usually the detritus of other things I've used - tape for tape manis, cotton wool, other pads, dotting tools, brushes waiting for the miracle day they will be cleaned lol -

Just out of shot, and in the top left corner of the desk is the mother lode of holy nail art.  First of all, the mug of brushes, and some dotters (all the other dotters are in a pencil case, hiding on the window sill).

Then we have a massive box of acrylic paints, and in it sit 2 smaller boxes.  The one on the left houses tools waiting to be cleaned / recently or commonly used, extras like nail glue, and the one on the right has my stamping tools, clippers and nail file.

And then on top of THAT sits yet another box lol, of other commonly used crap - my original small acrylic tubes, mixing palettes, hole reinforcers for tape manis, Sharpie pens -

And then this is what that whole area looks like together -

Beyond that, way on the left of the room, are 2 areas of doom lol.  Firstly, there's this big box of crap.  This has other utensils in it like cotton wool, plastic bags for decals, nail wheels, orange sticks, sponges, straws - all the bigger stuff you accumulate.

And then HERE, to the left and slightly behind me, is Mount Untried.  Each of these boxes homes at least 30 polishes.

AND they're on the right too!  These tend to be my newer purchases - Lilypads, OPIs, Elevations.

So, that's the Crap Pad, the Shit Tip, my Nail Room.  Despite the chaos, it's what my heart calls home, and somehow, it soothes me.  I hope you liked the peek :)

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