Sunday, 6 October 2013

Crumpet Reviews - The Polish Bar Fall 2013 Collection

Hi Goddesses

I hope your weekend is treating you well.  I *finally* feel like I've gotten caught up after 2 weeks of not doing very much blog work at all.   Today's post falls into that category - this should have been up a few days ago.  Apologies to Janice that I just couldn't get to it sooner.

The Polish Bar is one of my favourite indies, and this time, I was sent 2 glitters and 3 holos for review.  OBVIOUSLY I started with the holos - the purple ones haha.

Far, Far Away is a lovely dreamy purple with hints of blurpleness.    This is a lovely blue-toned soft dusty shade that's perfect for Autumn.

As you can imagine, I have maaaa-hany shades like this, but this one differs with it's baby-soft scattering of holographicness.  Very understated.

I paired both the purples together, so the one you saw on the accent nail is Cosmic Glow, a lavender holo.  The light really caught this one.

I don't have a holo in this shade, and this is really gentle, perfect for those of you who don't want too much razzamatazz.   This is probably a little too pale for my personal tastes, but I can't wait to use it in gradients and other nail art due to its unique tones.

The 3rd holo is just dreamy.  This is Summer Sea, and it was probably my favourite of the 3.

I think this has less of a Fall / Autumn vibe to it.  It definitely conjures the last days of summer, when the colours are still bright, but just that little bit less intense.  The holo is a touch stronger too.

The crellies surprised me with how much I liked them.  As you know, I am not a fan of white based glitters, but I really liked Best Wishes, so much so that you'll get to see it in some nail art soon.

I think one of the things I've learnt with these white glitters is to always use a white polish first, that way you don't need to overload the glitters to get opacity.  This had 2 coats of white and just one of Best Wishes.   I loved how using only 1 coat of the glitter really allowed the blues and purples of the glitters to pop.

Sugar Kisses is also lovely.  Again, I layered it over white, but I should really have gone with a pale grey.   This is nicely different, it has a slightly different quality to it, and I like it all the more for its grey-tinged base.

This one looks super delicate, and I loved the pastel glitters in this one.  Again, this one perhaps doesn't have a Fall feel, but hey, it's pretty!

These polishes launched this weekend, and you can buy them HERE, and follow on Facebook HERE.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review :)

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