Monday, 14 October 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Too Fancy Lacquer - The Bluemuda Trio

Hi Goddesses

I have some sensational blue polishes tonight that I was sent for review by Too Fancy Lacquer, a brand already taking over a hefty corner of the nail room.

All 3 polishes are gorgeous shades of blue, and this on TOP of 2 other gorgeous blues released last month.  Spoilt, we are, spoilt.

A quick word first on formula.  Charlene has changed her base, and the first hint is that these polishes now smell "normal", rather than that semi-medicinal smell they had before.  Also, I think they apply better.   Beware though, 2 of these polishes (the latter 2) are intensely pigmented, so you may want to carefully consider your base coat to avoid staining.

Let's start with Moody Blue, a steely, grey muted blue which is just divine.  This is the odd one out in the collection, being the least electric of the trio, but it still holds a light of its own.  

This is a lovely faded colour, beautiful and dusty, subtle yet dramatic in its own way.   It's the quiet, shy one of the bunch, but super lovely.

Bejeweled.  Wow.  What to say here.  Think bluey-teal-turquoise-holo.  On acid.  And the power cranked up to 11.  This redefines sensational.

The only tragedy is that by camera chickened out with this one.  There's a little less blue, and a little more green, than you're seeing in these pics, but it's the DEPTH of the polish that is astounding, like a fathomless ocean. This really is a spectacular polish.

Set Fire To The Rain is more sapphire toned and just as knockout.  Both of these polishes have the quality of satin, and just glow with light and intensity.

SFTTR is rich and delicious, blazing with colour and just about perfect.  But then, all 3 are perfect.

You can buy Too Fancy Lacquer HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review, but I've bought pretty much the rest of the shop too!

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