Sunday, 13 October 2013

Crumpet Reviews - UK Indie - Hairy Legs

Hi Goddesses

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a lady who asked me if I would like to review her polishes.  I must admit, she had me at Hairy Legs lol - who can resist a brand with a name like that lol.    Then I discovered they contained my sworn enemy, hairy glitter, but she assured me it was only a little.  Still giggling at the brand name, I agreed.

And I am glad I did.  The hair is more like stubble, and wasn't off-putting to me, and the colour combinations really did rock.  There was only 1 polish I had any issues with, and we'll get to that one at the end.

So let's start with Tainted Love, a fabulous magenta and violet glitterbomb, which I layered over Barry M Blood Orange.

This is one of those glitters that is so spectacular, the camera doesn't know quite what to do with it.  I wore this for 2 days at work and it was really popular, partly for the colour of the glitters, but also because it had extra blue shimmer which made it disco-tastic in the light.  Win - this one was my favourite.

Newly Balanced is one of those kitchen sink polishes that most glitter-whisperers make.  It's got all colours and all types, and whilst this is nice, I firmly believe you only need 1 polish like this in your collection.

I layered it over LACC 1964, and it really pops against the orange.  The glitter load was goooood, and this polish was super easy to apply.  You can see how well loaded it is by the fact I could stripe with it (this is always my test of whether I am likely to have issues with a glitter).   So, not my fave, cos I have a lo-ho-ho-hot of glitters like this, but another winner.

And finally, Strawberry Sorbet #2, which is absolutely NOT a Crumpet type of polish lol, and I layered this over FNUG It Bag for a gentle, ladylike look.

This was the only glitter that gave me any issues.  For me, it was overloaded.  It's ironic - usually, you have to dig to get the good glitter your nail, with this one, I felt like I needed to sieve what was on my brush before applying it.   Part of that is due to the gorgeous dots, I think - I've noticed with other dot polishes that the dots like to stick together, like sweeties in a tube.

That said, this has a lovely irridescent shimmer, and striped well too.   

I was sent a 4th polish for review, but some batches of it have experienced curling.  It impresses me a lot that a new indie maker would immediately take that polish off sale until she could resolve the issues.

You can buy Hairy Legs polishes HERE and follow on Facebook here.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

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