Thursday, 24 October 2013

Halloween - Lilypad Lacquer Meets Born Pretty Stickers

Hi Goddesses

I love seeing everyone's Halloween manis, and even though I am convinced I was a witch in a previous life, I have a really hard job getting into Halloween.

It's a good job then that Born Pretty asked me to review some nail art stickers, else there might not have been a single Halloween mani on the blog this year.

The base is the splendiferous Rainbows In Space by Lilypad Lacquer.   Gorgeous.  Not black, nor navy nor racing green, but some sweet mixture of the night that's somewhere in between.   

I love how this holo shows soooo many colours, and not just the ones listed above.  I love that you can see yellows in it, and the birth of galaxies.  Truly amazing.

So onto my stickers.  These are the ones you soak in water for a few seconds, press on your nail et voila!  In hindsight, a holo base wasn't the best choice, as it made them difficult to see as an entire mani.

My favourite is Mr Skeleton - he rocks - and I am loving the spider too.   There were also all sorts of ghosts, skulls, devils and what not on the sheet.  

You can buy the stickers HERE  for $2.99, and I also have my own Born Pretty discount code for all your nail art stuffs - LPL91.   The stickers were sent to me for an honest review.

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