Sunday, 20 October 2013

Thumbs Up - OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Collection Liquid Sands

Hi Goddesses

Ok, hands up, when OPI released the  first Liquid Sand polishes last year, did ANYONE expect the trend to still be going a year later?  I certainly didn't.  But I'm glad it is, because every release by every brand brings something new to the party, and the OPI Mariahs for 2013 have something very special about them.

I bought 4, the 3 you'll see today, and the black one, which I am saving for a separate post.  All of these applied absolutely effortlessly, and were opaque in 2 coats.  To take them off, they react best to being wrapped in cotton wool for 20 secs before swiping the polish away.  Oh yeh, and they're ALL gorgeous.

We start with Baby Please Come Home, and isn't she lovely?  This polish is actually quite the chameleon, and I saw her in several resting shades, depending on the light.

Mostly, she's a grey-purple, varying her personality to the light.  She's an absolutely sensational polish, and the collision of colour and texture is just perfect.

She also looks good glossy - as you'd expect - and I find it interesting that top coat makes her darker.  Absolutely beautiful.

My Favorite Ornament is the gold.  She's a light, bright gold, not too dense or heavy, and therefore light enough for day wear and not just party wear.

This has less of the larger glitter pieces, but is no less beautiful for that.  I love how the gold can look pale and whiteish in some lights, and rose gold in others.

It's Frosty Outside is the silver, and this one is killer.  Sparkly as anything, and with a crystal sharpness that is breathtaking.

This polish is perfect.  It's blingtastic, but also somehow tasteful, with the silver just cold enough to keep it classy.

I didn't buy all the Holiday Collection.  Frankly, after so many San Fran reds, I was a bit mystified why OPI felt the need to release another zillion.  That said, these Liquid Sands are gorgeous, and well worth adding to your collection.

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