Monday, 18 November 2013

#33DC Day 25 - A New Technique For You - Distressed Nails

Hi Goddesses

How are we all?  I am sorry I have been absent a lot over the last week.  Real life has intervened in a really rude and scary way and I am ferociously job hunting.   Truth though, I've missed blogging, and the yogic calm I get from painting my nails, but I've felt guilty whenever my mind has veered in that direction.  Must Get A Job FIRST.

Anyhow, today is one of my very favourite manis that I've done for this #33DC.  It's called the Distressed Mani and I originally saw it on Chalkboard Nails HERE.   I liked it, but then really fell in love with it when Brit Nails did a slightly different version HERE.

The key to this mani is to apply your polish as sparingly as if it is stardust - that's like half a micro-granule of a droplet on your brush.  THIS is what gives the smeared and streaky effect.   More streaky = goooood.   Too much droplets = saaaaad (and hard for a "slop it on" girl like me).

I like how they both remind me a little of crackle, and also of acid wash manis, and let's face it, they're splodges aren't they?  No wonder they make me happy!

For my mani I used - 
* w7 Black
* Essie - Orange It's Obvious
* OPI - The It Colour
* OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia (shimmer)
* Smitten Polish Imperio (glitter)

I've said this before, but AGAIN the introduction of a shimmer and a glitter added extra magic to my mani, the glitter in particular working its dazzle through the colours.  Overall, this reminds me a LOT of an exotic parrot.

Me likey :)

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