Friday, 22 November 2013

#33DC Day 27 - 3 Patterns

Hi Goddesses

I had a hard time choosing 3 patterns today, and I this is another reason I am sooooo disappointed with my efforts during this challenge.  I think I've raced through it, and rather than doing my very best work, everything is just a little limp and  .... meh.

So here are 3 patterns from one of my many wondrous MoYou plates lol, and on base we have OPI Anti-Bleak from last year's Mariah Carey collection, which I was sent for review by Chemist Direct - just click HERE for loads of polish bargains.

Whilst Anti-Bleak is gorgeous and deeply saturated, it left me a little meh, mainly I think because OPI has done this colour A LOT over the years, and I'm not a big one for owning colours that are just 1 click different.  That said, this is a great berry shade if you don't already own any.

The stamping is from MoYou Princess Collection 14, and whilst they do sort of go together, they really don't go with the base in my opinion, and deserve something more pastel-y and fairytastic.

There's only 2 weeks of this challenge left now, and I'll be glad to see it done, if only to have the time to post all the other manis that have been breeding in the vault in the meantime!

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