Friday, 29 November 2013

#33DC Day 29 - Your Favourite Pattern

Hi Goddesses

Today's choice was a hard one for me.  My favourite patterns aren't necessarily the easiest - watermarbles, tape manis - and so I thought instead I'd do what I'm probably best known for.

I'm probably Queen of 2 things - the splodge, and the splatter - both of them random excuses to make a lot of mess!  Nothing was calling to me splodge-wise, so I decided to do an autumnal splatter using some of the Mentality polishes I was sent for review.

On base we have the utterly superb OPI My Vampire Is Buff, the perfect neutral, and then I splattered, from dark to light, with Allure, Sexy, Flirt and Enlighten.

I broke one of my cardinal rules though - never splatter with shimmery polishes!  Gah, clean-up was a biatch!   Splatters always involve a lot of clean-up, but it seems like there is some evil rule of the universe, that the more shimmery a polish is, the further it will travel and the harder it will be to clean up!

There's something indefinable about the overall effect here - it reminds me of a gateau for some inexplicable reason - cream, raspberries, hazelnuts and peaches.  Lol.  My mind is weird.

Don't forget to check Mentality out HERE - you won't find better value for money.

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